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Most Recent Projects…

ross petty website

Ross Petty Website

Challenge: Ross Petty Productions wanted to revamp their look and feel and be able to update their website so that it represented their most current show.

Solution: Degroot Design redesigned the site, giving it a whimsical feel. Current show logo was added to the top banner on relevent pages, and these pages were also uniquely themed to reflect the show. A contest was run, to capture user emails for future marketing campaigns.

Advanced Weight-loss

Advanced Weight Loss

Challenge: To design a website for a weight loss clinic. Solution: We designed the website using WordPress as a Content Management System, with a custom theme that reflected their desired look. Included a "BMI calculator", "Refer a friend" and "Sign up for Newsletter" forms on every

Homestyle website

Homestyle Website

Challenge: The client needed a site to launch thier diet delivery service that appealed to zoomer and older. The food they deliver is hearty and more like mom's home cooking then Diet food.

Solution: Degroot Design worked on a look around the logo that they also designed. The logo has a tradtional look, that is transferred to the website, by use of hand-drawn icons and muted colours. The background is a gingham pattern to reflect home comfort. There are large images of delicious food on the homepage.

ross petty website

Life Experiences Website

Challenge: Client needed to revamp their existing site, make it easier to navigate especially by location.

Solution: Degroot Design redesigned the site including all inside pages. We also helped restructure the site arhictecture so that it was easier to navigate.

Physical therapy website

Rathjen Physical Therapy Website

Challenge: To design a physical therapy webiste look and feel that incorporated the clinics new branding, social media, newsletter and patient education components.

Solution: Degroot Design was reatained by Patient Sites to re-design the site. The site has a clean look using the client's colours and branding throughout. We also created an easy to naviate interface and re-worked the site architecture to make the information easier to find.

Moreau website

Moreau Physical Therapy Website

Challenge: Metamor Group's Client needed a new look and feel for their existing website, with new brading. Also wanted to have large colourful images throguhout site.

Solution: Degroot Design was retained by Patient Sites designed a muted interface so that the images and content would pop. Also incorporated an easy to navigate menu, newsletter signup and patient educaition and social media.

ross petty website

Basic Financial Literacy

Challenge: The client needed a website that he could update himself. The main purposes of the site were to help promote the course on-line, explain the course, and allow people to register and pay.

Solution: Degroot Design built the site in WordPress so that the client could edit it himself and add dates to future courses. The site included a register and payment feature so that he could easily track his attendees.

Artisan Studio Tour website

Artisan Studio Tour Website

A Local Artisan group needed to promote their annual tour through a dynamic website that could be easily updated every every year. Also needed to have a blog to post latest news that their audience could subscribe to.

Solution: Degroot Design created a site that reflects the groups crafty and whimsical brand. The site was built in Wordpress so that it could be easily updated and integrated with a blog.
Courtside Physical Therapy website

Courtside Physical Therapy Website

Challenge: Courtside needed a redesign of their existing website, that was cleaner and integrated social media, sign up for newsletter and Patient Education.

Solution: Degroot Design was retained by Patient Sites to re-design the site. We created a fresh, light look that has large rotating images and functional interface that could easily navigate both the Clinic and Patient Education information.



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Degroot Design has been in buisness for over 10 years, building websites that work from both a design and functionality point of view. Our main goal is to make you look good to your customers, so that they get to the information they want quicker. Of course we design beautiful looking websites, that is a given, but how the site functions is key to engaging the user and keeping them interested.

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